Bolliger landscaping company

BOLLIGER has a team of experienced professionals ready to carry out any kind of work in the following fields:

  • Paving, flagging, masonry, fencing
  • Automatic watering, lawns grown from seed or cultivated turf
  • Garden maintenance and design
  • Swimming pools, jacuzzis, ponds
  • Material transport, truck cranes

Our company is based in Aubonne, and we mainly operate in the La Côte region (from Lausanne to Geneva).

BOLLIGER, a renowned regional company.

A family affair

Marc and Sylvain Bolliger founded the company in 2009. Between them, they hold several diplomas, including the federal diploma in landscape architecture and four federal certificates of proficiency: building mason, road builder, special works, landscape gardener.

maçon en bâtiment,  constructeur de Route,  travaux spéciaux, paysagiste.

The company enjoyed a rapid success, and we quickly needed to take on staff.

In order to remain a family business, we chose not to employ to much people, to offer the best quality and this is still one of our priorities today.

Boliger Jardins, père et fils

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